- Features -

Single Point of Access
  • All 10 provinces and 3 territories available
  • All public database searches including Land Titles, Corporate Registry, and PPSA
  • Municipal tax information, including obtaining legal descriptions, property assessments, and tax certificates
Consolidated & Flexible Billing
  • All requests across Registries and Provinces appear on a single statement
  • Each service individually invoiced
  • Statements available in an electronic format (e.g. PDF or MS-Excel spreadsheet)
  • Each account assigns an acount administrator that can track usage by all employees
  • Administrator has online access to add/delete/update users
Electronic archival of requests
  • Automatic archiving allows the invoice and results to be stored in an electronic format directly on eSearch.ca
Easy to use search interface
  • Search access to all provinces & territories
  • Search results returned in a PDF format and can be viewed, downloaded, or printed
  • Turnaround time is measured in minutes
  • Real-time tracking of the status of the order (open, in progress, waiting for info, cancelled, completed)
Professional & Experienced Staff
  • The primary difference between eSearch.ca and other online interfaces is the experience and professionalism of our staff
  • Imagine, a help desk that wants to hear from the customer!!
  • This service provides quicker response times and extended processing hours for AB PPSA Searches, Registrations + Discharges.
  • eSearch uses industry standard 128 bit encryption.